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Fine Print

*At this time, membership is not available to beneficiaries of any government program like Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, the VA; however, members are welcome to join our waitlist.
*Please note that membership is NOT insurance and does not replace your insurance policy.
*Please note blood tests and imaging are not covered by membership and are offered at discounted cash prices. This allows you to know your costs upfront and there are no surprise bills or fees.
*No long-term commitment is required. We request a 30-day notice for termination of membership.

Why Membership?

Because healthcare does not always mean health CARE. Achieving optimal health requires consistent follow up, unrushed visits, and personalized care. Our practice is based off of a monthly membership model in order to keep our patient panel low. This allows us to help you sustain long-term health and create a trusting relationship between you and your doctor.

Benefits of Membership:

Unrushed 30 to 60 minute appointments with no wait times

No copays or surprise bills at any of your visits

Quick appointment availability – no waiting around for weeks to be seen by your doctor

Call/text/email with your provider

Discounted cash pricing on labs & imaging

Although we recommend patients keep their health insurance for referrals or unexpected emergencies, we will not be billing your health insurance for anything! Why is this? Because out-of-pocket costs for patients who have health insurance are unpredictable and sometimes astronomical. In direct primary care, you pay a flat monthly fee to establish a financial relationship directly with your physician. That means that we work for you instead of the insurance companies.

Our membership model allows us to limit our patient panel and offer greater time and access to your physician. This provides our patients with a higher standard of care and improved health outcomes.

How does it work?

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Still Considering?

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